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We have created an affordable stick that maximizes playability, is much more durable, and comes in a weight that will please both the professional and the weekend warrior. Take your game to the next level with the ShotTec T-800.

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Brayden Point Canada

“The ShotTec T-800 is super responsive and unbelievably strong. It’s nice to see a passionate Canadian engineer design and develop such a great product.

I really admire that drive and determination to better our game here in Canada.”

Brayden Point

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We know these two guys love the stick…

but more importantly we want to know what you think about the stick.


You have to experience ShotTec to see, feel, and believe the difference!


Order a stick to try and we are quite sure you will become a customer for life…

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Brad Moran NHL

“As a player there is nothing worse then having my stick break on a big face off or shatter with the game on the line. With ShotTec I have finally found a stick that is strong and durable that doesn’t affect the feel or performance on the ice. Day in and day out the same stick feels like it just came out of the box.”

Brad Moran

Proprietary Blade Design

After 6 years of research, development and testing we believe that we have created the strongest, most responsive, and most durable blade on the market.

Stronger Shaft

Double-wrapped with higher quality carbon fiber, the ShotTec T-800 offers up to 2 times the durability of other sticks while maintaining optimal weight and balance.

“The Ultimate Hockey Training Device”

Find success in a short amount of time by improving strength in the core, forearms, shoulders, and helping develop muscle memory that perfects a quick shot release.

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ShotTec Distributor Opportunities

Distributors Will Receive...

  • Any combination of 100 sticks: T-700J (Junior shaft),
    T-700 (Intermediate shaft) and T-800 (Adult shaft)
  • 20 ShotTec Training Devices
  • Large Stick Bag
  • 100 ShotTec Carbon Fibre Mini Sticks
  • “Pain Kit” (blade cross sections of our competitors)
  • Set of 500 ShotTec Business Cards
  • Backend access to our website to Place Orders and view Training Videos
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What makes your sticks better than your competitors?
Durability, performance, and PRICE!
Is anyone in the NHL using your sticks?
NHL and other professional players have tried our sticks, loved them, and provided endorsements. That said we’re not quite ready to run with the “Big Dogs”. What we do is provide a great product to hockey players at every level without breaking the bank! Imagine a stick that lasts 3 times as long as the one you use now…that is our reality. 🙂
What support do you offer Distributors?
We want you to be successful and we assist all our Distributors on a daily basis. For some it’s educating them on the technical aspects of our products and for others it’s assisting with the sales process. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.