After five years of research and development we are proud to introduce the ShotTec T-800, T-700, and T-700J line of hockey sticks. We are unique in many ways…not only do we have a great product, we are also looking to sell direct to the customer and cut out the middleman.

With technology these days there is no need for a brick and mortar store that has a high overhead. Why make the player come to you, when you can go to the rink and be exposed to your target market!

For kids playing high-level hockey, parents are paying $325.00 for a pro stick. Our cost is significantly less, our sticks are more durable, and the overall performance is fantastic according to the Pros who have tested them.

We are looking for one key person in each city who would like to invest $25k in their own business of selling state-of-the-art custom hockey sticks.

You will receive 100 sticks and 20 ShotTec training devices along with additional support material. The value at retail will cover your total initial investment.

In North America alone, the hockey stick market is a $200 million per year business. Players want a stick that is light AND durable, strong AND has great playability. We deliver all of these.

On a 50 stick order we will customize the shaft with individual team graphics and add player names and numbers.
The overall value for our customers is great and our sticks are amazing!

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