The game of hockey is very complex. Like all other sports the evolution of equipment changes the game. Improving performance is the goal in all sports. In hockey, every player would like to score more goals because that’s where most of the glory is!

When we talk about shooting the puck, there’s very little instruction and the message is very inconsistent. In the 70’s and 80’s the hockey stick was very rigid. The shaft was very stiff. This meant that the energy had to come from a heel to toe transfer with a large swiping action. Goalies were very seldom fooled as they could always see a skate-set-shoot action. Totally visual. In today’s game, players that skate/shoot in stride will catch most goalies off guard. They are called the goal scorers because that is how you score goals!

In the 90’s the stick technology started to change. The composite stick became progressively lighter and the flex became greater. Unfortunately the technology changed but the instruction lags behind. In the 70-80’s, when shooting the puck, 80% of the energy came from the blade and the flick of the wrist. Today it is 50/50. 50% from the blade and 50% from the shaft. Two hundred pound players today use 85 flex sticks. That was unheard of in the 70’s and 80’s.  With today’s shot, the hands are extended and the stick is away from the body. Your hands are much closer together. Your top hand is a puller and the bottom hand is a pusher. Once you have mastered this technique it is very easy to pass or shoot in stride. At the high levels you have very little time to change your body position to pass or shoot, and even if you did, this is very predictable to your competition.