ShotTec Stick Testimonials

Dawson BlanchetteMy name is Dawson Blanchette, I play defense on the Minor Midget AAA team in Leduc, Alberta. I use a shottec T-800 stick with 70 flex and a Pro-3 curve. I really like the flex it provides while still giving me a feeling of strength. I like how it allows me to snap passes and shots with force and still be able to win puck battles in corners and around the ice. With the price of sticks today, my parents appreciate the strength and durability of the sticks.

Dawson Blanchette

Leduc, AB

Ryan NewmanI use the ShotTec T-800 stick with an 85 flex and a Pro-1 curve. The blade is stiff and it stays that way for the life of the stick. The flex point is where your hands are and it’s very easy to get a quick and powerful shot. Also, it doesn’t break down as fast as all the other sticks I’ve tried.

This is by far the best stick I have ever used!

Ryan Newman

Everett, WA

ShotTec Training Device Testimonials

Creating offence and scoring is definitely the most fun aspects of hockey. After many years of coaching and scouting in professional hockey I am so excited to see the development of the ShotTec training system. To score big goals and make accurate passes players need the specific training that ShotTec provides.

The ShotTec system develops not only the specific technique and strength for shooting but makes training fun and exciting for all players using ShotTec. Hockey development is all about improvement and smiles.

Glen W

ShotTec has been a great tool. I have used it a lot and it has really helped my release and power. [ShotTec] would help any player’s shot – I highly recommend it.

Riley P (Canmore Eagles)

I’m really excited that (my son) has a place other than my garage door to practice his wrist shot technique!

Doug M (Calgary, AB)