Composite sticks have enabled players to completely change the way in which they shoot. Gone are the days of drawing the puck back, setting, loading, and shooting. Sticks are much more flexible now, and as a result players are able to use the energy created within the stick, and have it work for them. Sticks are also much lighter now, so the focus is completely on the wrists and forearms to create the motion of a wrist shot. Top of the line sticks weigh less than 400 grams which enables a player to load and release the puck in much less time, generating a quick release. Goalies are at a disadvantage because players can shoot quicker and harder without telegraphing what they are doing. Today’s Coaches, that have a strong understanding of the composite technology and its benefits, are teaching the “new way of shooting”.

The architectural design of the ShotTec stick, and the fact that it can be personalized to each individual player, is a major asset for the player using it. Players become accustomed to the personalized feel, thus improving their performance, especially in terms of handling the puck. It is not only psychological as to why players prefer certain sticks with different feels, it is something physiological at the biological level in terms of the physical structure of the brain as well.

Elite hockey players who handle a hockey stick for hours a day change their cortical map in the sensory part of the brain that is responsible for handgrip. This explains why hockey players prefer a certain stick. The brain is plastic and their brain has been moulded to respond with the greatest acuity when certain handgrips are used more frequently. This is how studies have shown that the hockey stick is essentially an extension of the arm for professional hockey players. When the stick is changed, so is the grip and feel, along with the sensory input to the brain.

So it is ideal to continually practice with the same stick in order to optimize performance and comfort. The ShotTec stick is one of few that can be made with a customized consistent architectural design. This is ideal when trying to optimize handgrip comfort and stickhandling when carrying the puck.